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Joan Romero

Professor of Human Geography at the University of Valencia and member of the Interuniversity Institute for Local Development (IIDL) of which he was its first director until January 2008. He is a professor at that University in Political Science and Administration Degrees, Journalism, History and Geography. He has also been a Visiting Scholar at the School of Geography at the University of Leeds. During the last years he has focused his teaching and research activity in the field of Political Geography, Public Policies, State Structure and new forms of Territorial Governance in Spain and Europe. In the field of teaching, he has devoted attention to the edition of university texts such as Human Geography. Processes, risks and uncertainties in a globalized world (2004, 2007 second edition), Other geographies (2006 and 2012) and Human Geography of Spain (2017).

Among his most recent publications it is worth mentioning The secession of the rich, in collaboration with Antonio Ariño (2016), Geography of waste in Spain (2019) and Climate change in the Mediterranean. Processes, risks and public policies (2020). He collaborates regularly in various media. Since July 2019 he is director of the Prospect Valencian Community 2030 chair, sponsored by the Presidency of the Generalitat Valencia and the University of Valencia. He has also been General Director of Universities of the Generalitat Valenciana (1983), Technical General Secretary of the Ministry of Education and Science between 1985 and 1987, Minister of Education and Science and spokesman for the Government of the Generalitat Valenciana between 1993 and 1995.




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